Electrical Engineering Study Program established in 1991 and new students’ admissions started in 1992. There was only one staff available as the laboratory staff and study program administrator, Mr. Nurhidayat, and one lecturer: Ir. Slamet Suripto. Both of them are still actively served in this study program up until now.
Once located in Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto 17 Yogyakarta, the Electrical Engineering program and its laboratory then moved to Jl. Sonopakis at the end of 1994. The building movement was due to its convenience, this study program can clustered with Civil Engineering Study Program and Mechanical Engineering Study Program.
At the end of 2004, the laboratory of this study program finally moved to the integrated campus of UMY under the roof of Faculty of Islamic Religion since the new building for all engineering programs were under construction. However, due to the natural disaster in May 2007, it was delayed until late 2007 until all engineering programs moved to the new building officially.
These are all of the Head of Study Program of Electrical Engineering since the beginning:
1992 – 1994; Drs. Ipieng Prijadi
1995 – 1997; Ir. Ismadi Isran
1998 – 2002; Dr. Ir. Tumiran, M.Eng
2002 – 2007; Ir. Tony K. Hariadi, M.T
2007 – 2009; Ir. Slamet Suripto
2009 – 2010; Ir. Rif’an Tsaqif A., M.T
2010 – 2017; Ir. Agus Jamal, M.Eng
2017 – Present; DR. Ramadoni Syahputra, M.T.