Mr. CUBE successfully led the National Champion II KOMBAT 2016

September 6, 2016, oleh: superadmin
One of the teams electrical engineering KomurindoKombat UMY champion II successfully led an Atmospheric Balloon Payload Competition (KOMBAT) years 2016 in Garut. Please note the previous year (2015) successfully holds appreciation in the bestdesign category.
The rocket’s Payload competition Indonesia (Komurindo) and Balloon Competition atmosphere (Kombat) that had been held on 24 to 27 August 2016 in Eight Arrowroot, making three electrical engineering student of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (UMY) incorporated in Mr. Cube team won the champion of the national category 2 level Kombat. A team led by Rama Okta Wiyagi S.T., m. Eng., as professors of electrical engineering the UMY able to beat 14 teams from 16 teams of participantskombat from public and private colleges who had escaped earlier.
The third student from the 2013, Danardono, Vendy Hendra Nugraha, Dwi and TryAhmad Agus as Chairman of the team. The race is organised by the Institute of national aviation and Space (LAPAN) and in cooperation with the Ministry of research, technology, and higher education (Kemenristek of higher education), this year carrying the theme “technology Payload balloons for Atmospheric Observations and maritime.” On requirements Kombat champion 1 won by Electronic Polytechnic Surabaya (PENS), third place achieved by AMICE MDP Palembang, and 4th won by University of Gunadarma.
Thank God we feel veryvery pleased. If viewed from a drain time, energy and also the mind, it feels like this is a gift from Almighty God upon our hard work as participants who participated in the KOMBAT 2016.0 “says Try, Chairman tim kombat UMY when interviewed on Thursday (01/09).
Try proceeding, to get a champion participants need to pay attention to several factors that were assessed in the competition of the kombat. Things of note in the form of the value of the altitude, temperature, humidity, wind direction, and pressure.Recording GPS (latitude and longitude Coordinates, red) participated and were judged in the competition. Besides photographic images from the charge, auto track antenna, as well as the value of the record video that is a secondary mission undertookto influence the jury’s judgment, “said Try.
Try to explain further, a team that included three people in preparation for competition takes quite a long time. It was recorded three months more in preparation. The team Mr. Cube requires 3 months more. This also includes the development of part of the load and the ground segment in the form of auto track antenna from the 2 years following the Balloon Payload Competition atmosphere, “he explained.
In addition in the middle of the preparations, Try admitted many obstacles faced up to feel a great impact in the competition. The constraints during the preparation and the match is funding and transportation. For transportation we strongly felt the impact, because of the place of residence to the competition is quite far away. While we have to stand in line and wait for groups of other teams in the use of transportation. In addition we have to bring the antenna with a size larger and prepare the ground segment. To prepare it any time we were in a hurry because of the need to establish the antenna and perform the installation of the antenna to the ground segmentwith a limited time. Thank God when the competition takes place from the data payload is still acceptable ground segment us, “he said.
The team’s success in winning UMY kombat 2 national level, Try look forward to future competitions UMY can more achievements than what had been obtained at this time. Hopefully in this team event from UMY could grab the champion again even more in future competitions. For support to follow hopefully UMY event like this could continue to be cared for in accordance with the Young Worldwide slogan. We hope UMY could see events like this as a vehicle for students to develop themselves, “Please Try. (hv)