Indonesian Lecturers Have To be Familiar with Writing Articles in English

August 7, 2016, oleh: superadmin

Writing articles in English for some lecturers provides more benefits than that in Bahasa in terms of internasionalization. The articles are possible not only as references or citations for some people in some countries, but also enabling some readers review them. This is beneficial for the career of the lecturers who write the articles. The number of citations will improve track records of the authors. This reason is the answer why lecturers in Indonesia should improve and produce more articles in English.
Prof. Taufik, a speaker from California Poly State University, explained this in Workshop of Writing Articles titled “How to Write a High Quality Article” held by Faculty of Engineering UMY on Thursday 4th August 2016 in Room Stadium General. He suggested to the lecturers in Indonesia to start writing articles in English. This habbit will lead some reviewers all over the world reading the articles. He said “Please, dont be affraid to try. That is the important point, willing to try. You can join some conferences in Indonesia and start writing papers in English.” Besides, He also explained that the articles written in English have opportunity to be published in international journals. Regarding this, the articles will be references to some people in some countries.
However, he recognized that Indonesian authors mostly do mistakes on selecting appropriate words when they write the articles in English. For instance, he said “They use unnecessary words in a title of an article which make it too detail”.” Therefore, it is important to Indonesian writers to improve their writing skills”, he added.
In the workshop followed by 47 lecturers of Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Agriculture UMY, Prof. Taufik also explained some techniques and tips to write articles. Regarding him, in terms of writing, the authors should improve their skills of writing continuously to reach high quality articles. “You do not need to worry. It is a must to have good will for authors so they can produce article”, he said. He realized that when people write for the first time, they will find some difficulties on how to start. However, continuous exercises will make them familiar and they can release better articles. He experienced the same condition when his article was critisized by his Professor. But, the Professor gave him some good advice. He knew his mistake and he correct it.
On the other hand, Prof Taufik spoke about his experience living in the USA. He described the differences of education between Indonesia and the USA. In the USA, universities are divided into two focuses, teaching and research. Universities focused on teaching provide service to prepare people to be employees or teachers. While research universities deliver their alumni to be scientists or researchers.
The time was the first time Prof Taufik to visit UMY. He expected that there is an intensive cooperation between Cal Poly State University and UMY. He said “We have had cooperation between his university and some universities in Indonesia. Especially UMY, we can perform collaborations in terms of researches or publications”.
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